The 10 Golden rules of buying a home in Spain

A wonderful Country in which to purchase a new home and if you follow these Golden Rules – all will go well.

Spain has a different culture, some of it good, some of it very different and when contemplating the purchase of a new home one must have guidance.

Below we have listed what we think are the 10 Golden Rules of buying a Home in Spain.

  1. Understanding

Think for a moment, when you buy a property in your home country and how you protect yourself. It is most likely you would instruct a solicitor/lawyer; well here in Spain it should be no different.

  1. Lawyer

A Lawyer will save you time, money, protect and explain how the process works together with the taxes and the finer details of your transaction. They will be the main link between you and the transaction and represent you with all the papers in order at the Notary.

  1. Buying in haste 

This is the primary problem with most transactions in Spain – remember there is always another deal to be had – take your time!

  1. Location& price

Location-location-location, we know the saying but it has merit but price can play a larger part. You must understand what the area and location offers and if this is where you can imagine yourself living and calling home.

  1. Confusion

Does it feel right? This may seem an odd point but this brings us back to understanding what it is you truly want and again your lawyer will help this.

  1. Your offer

It is common practice to offer 10% below the asking price to start off the negotiations and make sure (with your Lawyer) you fully understand the deal being offered. Special note: – Many build Villas on the market are from investors, developers/promoters and offered via agents and all make a percentage from the final price.

  1. Building

If done correctly is an enjoyable experience which you can save you up to 20% of the final price of a similar Villa. This is your opportunity to have a home that needs no modifications in the location you love.

  1. Buying a plot

Building plots unlike properties are scarce as most of the investors have bought them so you will need a trusted agent/builder to assist you. Please have your funds in place when making your offer as good building plots sell quickly.

  1. Build with a proven company

This is exciting but make sure you choose a builder/promoter that you feel safe and comfortable with and is known and well established. This maybe the first home that you have built so take the time to understand the process.

  1. Make sure you have enough money

Last on our list is very simple – make sure you have enough money and that you understand the time scales.


We hope the above rules help you with your possible move to this amazing Country, it is one of the safest and healthiest Countries in the World in which to live. It has a fabulous health care system and a cost of quality living far cheaper than possibly your home Country.


Let Spain welcome you.