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8 Tips for A Top Euro Total, when You Buy Luxury Alicante Property

Do you intend to buy a gorgeous Alicante property this year, with bluerock? If so, you’ll already be thinking about sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun, with a tall glass of sangria by your side. That said, before you can get working on your tan, you’ll need to sort through some practical things….

The Mediterranean Diet

Search ´The healthiest diet in the World´ on the internet and your search probably returned – The Mediterranean Diet – Because after all are we not what we eat? Research suggests that the benefits of following a Mediterranean-style diet may help in, improved weight loss, better control of blood glucose (sugar) levels, depression, reduced levels…

Top 10 beaches on the Costa Blanca North

The Costa Blanca (White Coast) has over  200 kilometres of coastline and is split into two very different areas, the Costa Blanca North from Alicante up the coast to Dénia and the Costa Blanca South which extends from Alicante to the border of Murcia in the South. Both are very beautiful and different, with the…

Spanish property market

Spanish house prices increased 3.6% during the year to January 2018 (3% inflation-adjusted) to €1,410 per square metre m2, a sharp improvement from a meager growth of 0.96% (-1.92% inflation-adjusted) during the same period last year, according to TINSA. Only a few short years ago the above headlines would seem absurd, the Spanish market was had…


For many, moving to Spain for a lifetime of siestas and sand is a pipe dream. Even now as an economic crisis is wreaking havoc on much of the country’s industry and infrastructure, young people in Spain are becoming better prepared for the future after ‘La Crisis, ’ entrepreneurs are a growing crowd, and Spain is modernizing…

Spain set to replace US as second most popular tourism destination

Spain is set to replace the United States as the world’s second most popular tourism destination while France has retained the top spot, the UN World Tourism Organisation has said. It is expected that Spain will take the second position with 82 million visitors last year, UNWTO head Zurab Pololikashvili said. Definitive figures will be published in the spring….

SPANISH property is firmly back in the global limelight.

 The prestigious New York Times has recently published a piece singing the praises of the emerging marketplace. The piece notes how the return of influential international investors to Spain in 2014 has helped the market improve dramatically since the crisis era. Prices, of course, rose quite sharply in 2015 and the trend has continued at…