Buying a property in Spain

Things to know when buying property in Spain

First and foremost when thinking of buying a property in Spain, make sure the company or persons assisting you are qualified, trustworthy and know the market. And always seek impartial independent advice from a registered Spanish Lawyer.

The buying process in Spain consists of three basic steps.

  • Reservation contract! Reserving the property by paying a deposit.
  • 10% contract! Signing of purchasing contract and payment of 10% of the full price, reservation fee deducted.
  • The signing of the deed! Signing the deed at the notary and final payment.


By paying a reservation fee of 6.000€ – 10.000€, the owner and agency agree not to offer the property to other agents and or buyers. The contract organised and or agreed by your lawyer normally holds dates estimated for the next two steps.

It gives your lawyer/ legal team time to conduct a full and thorough “Due diligence” on your behalf. If agreed, they then inform you of their findings and discuss moving forward with a private purchase contract – this will only happen if agreed or applicable.


Once agreed a private or agreed contract is drawn (detailing any agreed items and or changes) a further payment of 10% is normally paid but this may be held in escrow again if agreed.


Before signing, your lawyers will have checked the legally of your purchase and make sure no debt is registered to the property. – IBI (Property tax), Basura (Rubbish collection), electricity, water and community fee. If there are outstanding amounts, your lawyer will deduct the amount from the final price.

All parties, buyer, vendor, lawyers, (and bankers and mortgage brokers if needed) will appear at the notary office.


The buying costs vary from 11.5% to 13.5% of the purchase price, broken down as follows:

New Properties

  • 10% IVA (VAT)
  • 1% Notary and registration fee.
  • 1% Legal fee. (To your lawyer for checking the property, getting all documents needed, making the list of checks and etc.)
  • 1.5% Stamp Duty. (A tax charged by the state for registering the Title Deed.)

Re-sale properties

  • 8 – 10% Depending on the region and local authorities
  • 1% Notary and registration fee.
  • 1% Lawyer fee. (Charged for checking the property, getting all documents in order and making sure you are fully protected.
  • 1.5% Stamp Duty. (A tax charged by the state for registering the Title Deed.)

Should a mortgage be required a further 1.0 – 1.5% of the agreed loan is paid as a setup fee.

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