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8 Tips for A Top Euro Total, when You Buy Luxury Alicante Property

Do you intend to buy a gorgeous Alicante property this year, with bluerock? If so, you’ll already be thinking about sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun, with a tall glass of sangria by your side. That said, before you can get working on your tan, you’ll need to sort through some practical things.

For example, how can you exchange currencies, to ensure you get a top euro total? Well, to ensure you maximise your euro total, and make buying your luxury Alicante real estate as pleasurable as possible, please find below 8 easy tips. Keep these in mind, and exchanging currencies for your luxury real estate in Alicante will be ¡muy facil!

1. Plan your currency exchange well in advance.

Are you thinking about buying an Alicante property in the next few weeks? If so, start looking at exchanging pounds to euros now. This is because, the sooner you look at exchanging currencies, the bigger the window you give yourself for an outstanding exchange rate to become available!

2. Talk to a friendly, professional currency dealer.

Is this your first time exchanging a significant sum of money, to buy Alicante property? If so, speak to a friendly, professional currency dealer. He or she will explain the process and answer your questions in straightforward language, without any jargon. This way, you can put your mind at ease.

3. Exchange currencies with a foreign exchange broker, instead of your bank.

When we buy euros, it’s tempting to use our local bank. The thing is though, the banks know this, so they offer inferior exchange rates. Instead, a foreign exchange broker can get you a significantly better currency rate, to make buying luxury real estate in Alicante a breeze.

4. Accept a good exchange rate as soon as it arises.

When you exchange currencies, our impulse is often to wait and see how high the exchange rate goes. The thing is though, the foreign exchange market is highly volatile. Given this, instead of trying to “time the market”, exchange currencies when a good rate arises. This way, you’ll receive the euro total you need!

5. Keep an eye on the foreign exchange rate with Google.

To keep an eye on the foreign exchange rate, and find out when sterling climbs, you can simply use Google. Just enter “GBPEUR” into the search engine, and Google will return the current exchange rate, as well as a historical exchange rate graph. This way, you can see if the exchange rate is favourable!

6. Don’t exchange currencies at the “low of the day”.

On a given day, the exchange rate fluctuates. Today for example, the pound to euro interbank exchange rate has moved almost 0.5 cents! As a result, to lift your euro total when you buy Alicante property, ensure you don’t exchange currencies at the “low of the day”. This is the point when the exchange rate is lowest!

7. Exchange currencies with a currency broker that’s “FCA authorised.”

To make sure that your money is highly secure when you exchange currencies, use a foreign exchange specialist that’s “directly authorised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA.)” This means that the currency dealer will adhere to all UK regulations to exchange currencies, and protect your money!

8. Avoid banks or currency brokers that charge fees or commission.

In 2018, you can buy your euros while paying 0% in fees or commission. This way, you save the highest possible amount, to lift your euro total! So, when you speak to a currency broker, ask them to confirm that they charge 0% fees and commission.

With these 8 tips in mind, exchanging currencies for your luxury property in Alicante will be a cinch. So you’ll enjoy less stress, and more ¡siesta bajo el sol!